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solar powered fountainsThis website is dedicated to helping you select the best solar powered fountain for your home or garden at the best price. We do the research so you don’t have to, and provide you with the most popular options, design ideas, helpful tips and advice. There are many things to take in to consideration when selecting the perfect solar fountain for your home or landscape, so you want to make sure you have all the information and selections all in one place at your fingertips.

Solar Fountain Quality – The Most Important Factor

Most would agree that most important aspect of a great fountain would be the quality and the design aspects overall. Not only do you want a quality exterior and visually appealing fountain, you want a product that was built from the inside out with that in mind as well.

Most Popular Fountain Selections Currently

Outdoor Solar Fountai         


          Smart Solar 23951R01 Blue Midnight Finish Imperial Ceramic Solar Cascade




Solar Powered Water Fountain



Wishing Well Solar Water Fountain Style 12841




Ceramic Solar Koi Fountain - Smart Solar Fountains



Smart Solar 21372R01 Ceramic Solar Koi Fountain




Milano Lion Head Estate - Elegant Solar Garden Fountain



Smart Solar 34404RM1 Milano Lion Head Estate Solar Powered Fountain with Solar on Demand




solar fountains for the garden



Smart Solar 23941R01 Lava Red Finish Lava Ceramic Solar Cascade




Smart Solar Aquatic Range Floating Lily – Solar Pond Fountain



Smart Solar Aquatic Range Floating Lily Solar Fountain




Solar Outdoor Fountains



Solar Powered Three Frog Bird Bath Fountain




Nicest Solar Water Fountains



Smart Solar 27470R01 Blenheim Two-Tier Solar Fountain




Tips For Selecting the Perfect Water Fountain:

Quality Construction

You want to consider the conditions that the fountain is going to be exposed to throughout the year. If you live in an area with more harsh winters or an area that has extreme higher temperatures in the summer, you are going to want a fountain that is going to be able to withstand those conditions. Most of the time, this simply will mean that it will be better to go with a highly quality made fountain that will battle the environmental conditions better and for longer periods of time.

The Color

One of the first elements that you will notice on a fountain is the color. Primarily, not for its own color but how well it blends within the landscape or the garden. Most of the time, you are going to want a fountain that is going to compliment the landscape and not necessarily take over. An exception to this will be if you want the water fountain to be the focal point of the garden, then the color selection can be more of a personal style choice

The Size

Many times, you will see fountains within a garden or landscape that are very nice but they are too large for the area. You want to be able to have nice blend of surrounding plants and other décor around the fountain and not have the water feature taking up the entire space. This may cause your landscape to look bulky and overcrowded. This is not the design element that you were going for, so measure the area and make sure that the fountain will be proportionate the area.

Surrounding Area

In regards to the surrounding area, the entire concept is to compliment the feature. In this case it will be the water fountain. You want to incorporate a nice blend of plants maybe with a touch of color, the will complete the visual picture in your garden. If you are using the fountain on a deck or patio, then you can achieve this with some nice decorative potted plants at the base of the fountain which will instantly give a more natural feel to the feature.

Solar Panel Placement For The Sun

For the best operation of your solar fountain, you are going to need to place the solar panel in an area that has the highest sun exposure. The operation of the unit will ultimately depend on this placement. To operate at optimal performance, the panel will need to receive optimal sunlight to the provide the highest energy output. Do not try to cover the panel with foliage, etc. as this will drastically reduce the amount of sunlight that fountain is going to receive.

Our #1 Best Solar Power Fountain Pick For Qualitymilano lions head solar estate fountain

The Milano Lion’s Head Solar Estate Fountain, is one of the nicest looking fountains on the market and is not only unique and different, it will also be a item that not everyone will not have. Here are a few additional reasons:

  • Adds elegance & charm to any yard or garden
  • Quality Construction
  • Easy On/Off Switch Operation
  • Battery Operation For Use Even on Cloudy Days
  • Detail Sets It Apart From Most Others


Our #1 Best Solar Fountain On A Tighter Budget

Smart Solar 21372R01 Ceramic Solar Koi FountainWhen it comes to a simple yet beautiful fountain, the Solar Koi Fountain fits that description and always receives very high customer reviews. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Can Easily Be Moved To Any Location
  • Solar Panel Can Be Moved For Best Sunlight
  • Adds A Splash Of Beautiful Color To Any Location
  • Works Great In Direct Sunlight
  • Smaller Size For Smaller Locations



wishing well solar fountainOur #1 Fountain Favorite Of Consumers

The wishing well fountain, continues to receive high ratings and reviews as well as always being a best seller. Some of those reasons include the following:

  • Easy To Put Together with Minimal Pieces
  • Cobblestone Finish Adds Beautiful Charm
  • Dual Power Options (electric/solar)
  • Fountain And Birdbath All-In-One
  • Easy To Clean Finish


Larger Areas For Fountains

There are larger fountains that are available as well, if you are looking to have more of a focal point in your yard or on a large deck or patio. Sometimes you may need to use a larger solar panel source to provide the additional power that will be needed to supply the energy needed to operate larger units. If that is not an option, you can always use multiple smaller designs that have different heights that will provide a collective use. This is always a popular option, because you are able to change the design around whenever you may want to, or later separate the units to feature separate fountains in multiple locations.

Frequency Of Use – Maintaining Your Fountain

One of the most important elements is to make sure the unit is cleaned regularly. Making sure the basin and lines are free of any calcified build up and that the intake valve of the pump is clear of debris. Not only will this provide optimal performance, but will also provide an extended life of the unit.

solar water pumpsSolar Pumps For Fountains

From time to time, you may want to change out the pump of your fountain, either for a upgraded model that provides more power, a pump that provides additional features such as energy storage capacity, etc, or simply because some yard work caused the panel to get broken. Regardless of the reason, there are many options that are available.

You can take a look at some of the best solar panel pumps at the best price here.

So What’s The Best Solar Fountain For You?

When you implement some the key factors that we have discussed, selecting one of the best solar powered fountains for your home or garden should be a little easier and the knowledge you have gained will help you with some design options as well as the care and maintenance of your new item.  Always keep quality in mind, along with going with what you “simply like”. We hope our research has helped you in your selection and enjoyment of your solar fountain.

Red Lava Ceramic Solar Cascade – Solar Fountains For The Garden

solar fountains for the gardenThis Smart Solar Lava Red Ceramic Cascade provides the design style your looking for in a quality solar fountain for the garden.  Its tiered design allows for multiple levels of cascading water which provides the calming sound of falling water.  This fountain would not only be the perfect addition for the lawn or garden but it can also be a wonderful accent for any patio or deck as well.

When people talk about creating a soothing relaxing atmosphere, having a fountain in that scenario is almost a guarantee.  With a solar water feature such as this, you are able to create that environment in pretty much any area that receives direct sunlight without the hassle of electricity and running wires and cords to the location.  A solar fountain not only makes  things easier, its also a great way to use the natural sunlight as a energy source, which not only saves electricity but also provides earth conscious benefits.

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Lava Red Solar Cascade Specifications

  • Product Dimensions19.5 x 19.5 x 20.5 inches ; 25 pounds
  • Unit is powered by a separate included solar panel
  • Ceramic Finish
  • 4-tiered design with wrapped line design
  • No operating costs
  • Fountain recycles water through a low voltage water pump with filter
  • Create a relaxing atmosphere in your garden, patio or balcony

Ceramic Solar Cascade Reviews

One of the reviews that really stood out was one consumer that they were extremely please was how the fountain was packaged upon arrival.  They said that it was packaged in environmentally conscious reinforced cardboard.  Later they went on to say that they had a similar fountain to this one for years and this one looks like it may last even longer.

Another review included that they got this solar fountain after they sold two heavier birdbaths they had. They included that they even added a AC adapter to theirs so they could even use it when the sun was not out and they it was the perfect beautiful addition their yard that they were looking for.

A few reviews stated that the solar panel works with only direct sunlight, as most solar panels, but that is the point of solar powered.  A lot of consumers have said that they added the AC Adapter pump as well so they could use the pump all the time as they please.  Its a great option to be able to use both if you desire.

The bowls of this fountain are of great quality and look really sharp as one review included.  And they also noted that they were very pleased with the long length of the cord for the solar panel.  This comes in handy when you are needing to adjust the panel to be in the perfect location to receive the most sunlight to provide the best operating performance.

In an additional review, one woman noted that she enjoys just relaxing watching and listening to the running water.  She stated, I’m so Glad I Bought it.  The running water in the fountain always seems be a favorite of most people and creates a simple relaxing atmosphere.  Also, having the cascade design like this one, that feature is enhanced as well.

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This fountain seems to be one of the perfect choices when you are looking to add not only a beautiful solar powered fountain, but a elegant piece of art to your home.  There are a lot of fountains to chose from, but not only does this fountain receive a high amount of quality reviews, it also captures the sound and beauty of soothing running water in a beautiful cascade design .

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